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Template to guide early engagement between the Commission and a Member State on a question of State Aid

This document was drawn up by the Commission and Member States to help prepare for early meetings on state aid issues. Please complete the questions below to your best ability and share your answers with the Commission in advance of your meeting.

Questions to be answered by the Member State

1. What is the funding intended to achieve? What is the desired policy effect?

2. What support (grants, loans, guarantees, tax reliefs) are you proposing to give, what is its value, and how long will it last?

3. Is this coming directly from local or central Government budgets or from funds which the state controls directly or indirectly? What is the share of private contributions?

4. Which costs will the aid be granted for? What is the intended aid intensity (percentage of eligible costs)?

5. Questions on the recipient(s) of the aid

a. How are the aid recipient(s) selected?

b. Is the aid only available to certain types of entity? Why?

c. Is the aid only available in certain regions? Why?

d. Could this aid give rise to different treatment for similar types of undertaking?

e. Are they active on a market? / Are you planning to create a market?

f. Is the activity tradable?

6. What do you expect the recipient to do differently as a result of receiving support? Is the change visible in volume, budget or advancement of the schedule?

 a. What would happen if the support were not given?

7. What are the alternatives to giving support?

8. How do you plan to deliver this? What alternative options are there?

9. Why can the objective not be achieved without state resources?

10. Has this been designed to fit with any existing State aid rules?

 a. If not, why?

 b. If yes, which ones?

11. How does this fit with previous Commission decisions?

12. Who else will be affected positively or negatively by the policy/measure directly or indirectly? Can you envisage competition distortions due to the grating of the aid?

13. How does this support interact with other aid available for the same purpose?

14. What plans have you put in place to monitor this aid?

Questions to be answered by the Commission

1. What further information do you require?

2. What legal or other obstacles might there be to make approval difficult?

3. Realistically, how long might this take?

4. Are there any previous Decisions you could point to which may be of help?